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In-App Shopping

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Now, you can shop for the books in your Wantlist from right within the app.

The QUICK BUY button

This button appears on the ISSUE DETAILS page, and also at the top of the FOR SALE page.  Currently, it's simply a random copy of this book that's available for purchase today.  But, we imagine you'd like to have this button customized to your needs in SOME specific way...  But how?  By showing the highest grade?  Or, the lowest price?  Send us an email, and add your voice to the discussion -- We are continually polishing the app!

The FOR SALE tab

Welcome to Collectionary's newest feature: Shopping.  This page lists all the copies*** that we've spotted for sale -- aside from the Quick Buy book shown at the top -- all sorted by grade.  This includes both slabbed & "open" books, with CGC, CBCS, and PGX-graded books clearly labelled, since these details impact prices so much.

Tapping any of the BUY buttons takes you directly to the site that's selling that copy at that price.  Commission from these sales are how we pay to keep Collectionary going!  So, please support Collectionary and buy via these links.

*** We know your best shopping experience is one where you have the most choices possible!  Which is why we call this "Shopping, v.1" and why we're working to add more books & more vendors... Stay tuned!

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