Better ways to Search


No barcode?  No problem!!  Simply capture the cover and Collectionary presents matching search results.  Hands down, this is the BEST way to find your books and add them to your lists... especially when there's no barcode!  Or, if you're dealing with a comic title like "Marvel and DC Present Featuring The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans" ! 

(BTW, what a great wraparound cover by Walt Simonson on that one, right?!) 



Don't have the comic on-hand to scan?  Or, just wanting to do a simple search for "NYX"?  No prob, you can use our text search to find a series, OR EVEN A SPECIFIC ISSUE, just by typing in something like "NYX 2".  You can even search for your favorite creator or superhero -- Collectionary will show you all matching issues and series.


Face it, it's now a world of variants -- and arguably, Direct Editions now count as variants, too!  So, any decent Comic Collectors app simply HAS TO support all this nuance... Collectionary helps you distinguish and track it all!

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