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SEEKER: Your Personal Comic Hunting Assistant

Seeker - no Recents

Ever wish there was a way to automatically know when that hot comic got posted for sale on eBay? Or wanted an easier way to hunt down that special, prized book at the PERFECT grade & price...?!!

New in our May 2023 release, we've added "Seeker" and Seeking Lists!  Now, you can add the specific desired issue / variant into your Seeking list, along with your preferred Minimum grade and Maximum price, and your work is done – When Seeker finds that book for sale online at the price and grade you want, you're notified so you can grab it before it's gone!

And, if you want to think about the book that Seeker found for you for a second – maybe see what other copies Seeker might find tomorrow – you can review all your "Seeker Finds" on the SEEKER page.  It shows all the books found for you, with the info you need: Price, Grade, and grading company.  With a tap, you're sent to that online posting.

The best thing of all: You can have Seeker hunt down any 1 comic at a time for free.  Or, upgrade to a subscription, and have Seeker hunt up to 20 books at the same time.

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