Frequently asked questions

Can I really use my camera to find ANY comic book, even ones w/o a barcode?

The Collectionary app knows well over a half million covers, so the answer is largely "YES, you can search for any book using this app". And, if you ever find a book cover that we don't have, please send us a photo, so we can make the app better for everyone! Send the photo to: Note, someimes we have a matching cover but it doesn't appear in your search results. If your camera searches aren't finding your book, please be sure to do the following: 1. Put the entire book cover within the guideline box shown on the search screen 2. Reduce the amount of background that's captured inside the guideline box 3. Ensure there's no glare With a little practice, we are certain you'll fall in love with Visual Search!

Collectionary has Visual Search, so why even have Text Search?

Scanning covers with Collectionary is GREAT, but sometimes you don't have the comicbook in front of you to scan. Other times, you already know the exact title (and issue!) that you want to see and you just want to type it in -- BTW, typing in the title AND issue # works great in Collectionary, because the app will present just a handful of matching issues. Also, don't forget you can use Text Seach to find all the books made by your favorite Creators! Text search allows you to dig deep and build that thorough and perfect Want List.

OK, I see the iPhone version is HERE... But, what about Android?

Please, please, send us a note on the DOWNLOAD page to let us know that you'd like a version of Collectionary for Android. The team is currently focused on improving and adding new features to make the iOS version as powerful a comic collecting tool as we possibly can, so we only know that there's desire for an Android version by hearing from you!!

When can I get it for my iPhone?

The iPhone version of Collectionary is available NOW in the App Store -- just tap the Apple logo on our Home Page. Note, Collectionary is compatible with iPhone 6S and newer models.

I have an idea... or a gripe -- how do I contact you?

Either way, we'd love to hear from you. The best way to reach the Collectionary team is to email us at: