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Price that book, THEN Buy that book

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Ok, you're looking to get that SPECIAL comic book.  Maybe it's rare.  Maybe it's expensive.  Probably it's both.  


A sharp collector knows they have two tasks ahead:

Figure out how much it's going for. 

Collectionary helps by showing you sales from the last 6 months in the RECENTLY SOLD tab.

And, if you want to understand if a book is getting hot and rising in price, you can check long term trends with our historical PRICE CHARTS.

Once that research is done, and you know what you're willing to pay, then it's time to...

Find that book at the right grade & price

Collectionary takes the work out of shopping for comics on eBay by removing the "noise":

  • ONLY shows listings that exactly match the issue and variant you're searching for.  Try to do THAT on eBay!

  • ONLY shows listings with grades.  What's the point of showing you a listing if the seller didn't even commit to a ballpark grade?  Yeah,... we don't know, either.


It also makes eBay info more scannable:  

  • CGC, CBCS, PGX designations are easy to see, if that's what you're looking for.  And, for collectors who prefer not to pay the overhead cost of professionally graded books, "raw" book listings are presented, too.

  • All listings are FIRST sorted by grade, and then by price, making it easier for you to find the book you want, at the desired grade, and best price.

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