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Quickly add your whole collection with our tools

We understand... typing in a series title then pecking through a list of search results can make adding your collection into a new service site such a chore: "What volume number was that?"  "Do I really need to type in that subtitle?" 

But, wait, this is the 21st century! Available in the app since 2020, and improved most recently in version 1.2.1, Collectionary proudly presents...


Put your comic over a solid color background, point your camera at it, and Collectionary AUTOMATICALLY presents top-matching covers so you can add that book with a tap.

Ok, now that you've found the right book and series, time to enter your long run of issues in that series with...



Just touch the series name at the top of the ISSUE DETAILS page to reveal a grid showing every cover from that title!  Now, you can scroll thru the books, and tap to instantly add them to your Collection, Seeking List and WantList -- all stored safely online.

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